Le is a French word for "the".
You are le sucker. You are le plague. While I'm le one who makes your day.
by da french r asshole December 09, 2009
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Can be used for, but not limited to, a replacement for 'the' as used in the popular Rage Comics. Often, when captions are included in user-submitted comics, objects or people are referred to as 'le'.

Apparently used for subversive comedy effect.
"Me on le toilet"

"Le mum walks in...."
by Tino86 September 09, 2011
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a being whose blood flows only in the strongest of individuals. This dynasty of superior humans carries only the highest level of intellect, physicality, and overall knowledge, whose singular curse is only the challenge of finding an entity who/that can amount to only half of his/her own legendary existence.
That Le just totally destroyed everyone in the competition; no one even came close to beating him.
by the truth about life November 14, 2009
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Low End Syndrome

Symptoms include - lack of experience, foresight, common sense and poor decision making.
Guy 1

I can’t believe he would make such a poor decision, clearly he lacks knowledge and experience.

Guy 2

I was told he was diagnosed with L.E.S couple years back.
by DillyDylan April 11, 2014
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The superior alternative to the commonwealths term, β€œthe.” Everyone who is above the commonwealth uses the word le.
me: How did you do on the test?
friend: I got le big oofed.
by Rartman101 August 20, 2018
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A french word for "the" that most people use on the internet to make their statement sound more formal.
"You're standing in le circle of doom!"
"I dreamt about le hottie we met last night!"
by Mrs. Tomboy November 23, 2015
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