An article in French that translates to "the." Used in front of singular, masculine nouns.
le chien, le cahier, le garcon.
by Litt June 09, 2005
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Refers to Manhattan's "LOWER EAST SIDE"- A neighborhood in lower Manhattan that is overridden with hipsters, yupsters, and trustafarians. What used to be a somewhat dangerous and sketchy area of Manhattan is now being gentrified by white kids.

This area requires a ridiculous amount of rent for a shitty apartment. The yupsters prefer living in The Blue and other high rise condos.

If you live here, Ludlow is your main street, Whole Foods on Bowery is your grocery store, and you have beef with the hipsterkids in Williamsburg- unless you are dating one, which since a bridge is involved, is considered a "Long Distance Relationship" anyway, so you don't have to worry about hooking up with some one at Happy Endings or whatever the next MisShapes DJ set is.
Hipster: Yeah, I'm gonna stay around the L.E.S tonight- probably hit up the Darkroom, maybe check out The Annex, my friend's band is playing there.

Yuppie: I'm going to head down to the L.E.S this weekend and get some sweet hipster ass.

by hipper than thou July 23, 2008
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1. Mandarin Chinese word used as a past tense marker. Pronounced "luh."
2. French word meaning 'the'.
1. "Ta men wo de jia lai le."
2. "Le cafe."
by Dominique July 04, 2005
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L.E.S stands for Lady Eric Security it is the most sophisticated security company in the world, where the Head Quarters are located in Canada.
Sir we need L.E.S to take care of this issue.
by Securimaxx June 07, 2010
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Limited Edition. Usually used after the brand name and model of a car.
yo. my new set of wheels is a le car. w00t!
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Means Lowered Expectations.
When the Women (or men) in the room are all ugly and makes the least ugly look hott. Normally when you would see the \"hott\" person on the street you wouldn\'t think twice but because you are surrounded by ugly people it makes then someone to lust after. Never settle for L.E.
-Damn did you see Suzy today, she is hott dude.
-- dude you wouldnt think twice about her at the club.
- no man she is soo hot no one is that good looking.
--dude shes a dog. the only reason you think shes hot is L.E.
-no she is not L.E.
(goes to the club)
--theres Suzy dude
-God shes fugly
--told u L.E.
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