A short horizon line between two numbers—year born and year dead—that represents an entire life from birth to death, which could last for decades, years, days, and minutes that the person buried six feet below ground was given.
A dash shows how short our finite or limited life is on this side of eternity, which can’t be added or multiplied, much less saved up to be used in the future.
by Fasters February 24, 2023
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The pinnacle of greatness: when something is so awesome that it becomes 20% cooler in ten seconds flat.
"Did you see what I did there? Shit was so dash."

"How was the party?" "Totally dash, bro."
by Freerefill October 18, 2011
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A Dash is an AMAZING person with amazing talents, Such as singing. They will always help you no matter what. They will joke with you and be serious when you need them to be. A dash is a selfless amazing person that you should never let go of! And they are hawt, like.... really HAWT!
Girl 1: “who’s the hottie?”
Girl 2: “he must be a dash
by Bluefeather July 4, 2020
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An expletive to be used much like the f-word but with only negative connotations.
What The Dash?
You are a Dashing A-hole!
Go Dash yourself!
Today was Dashing horrible!
by The Un-Dash November 14, 2010
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A bitch, trouble maker and dick at the same time.He fuck them then fucking leave them.
" last night dash and I....."
"Dash sent me dick pic"
by Zmyancy March 31, 2016
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The acceleration or 0-60 time of a fast car.
What the dash like on that Poorsche?
by D Dubz W April 21, 2015
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Someone with a big dick and extremely funny. Very Athletic
Wow, That dude is such like Dash
by Ya Moms Car July 10, 2017
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