jocular abbr. for little brown fucking machine, apparently coined to refer to Vietnamese and other Asian female prostitutes during the Vietnam War, but now reserved almost exclusively for compliant Filipinas and Indonesians, whether professional or not. Frequently used in Hong Kong, but never for male sexual partners.
'You should try the Neptune II in Wanchai if you're looking for a Filipina or Indonesian takeaway. On Sunday afternoons the place is full of lbfms.'
by David December 19, 2003
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"Little Brown Fulcking Machine"
American millitary slang for whores obtained in east asian countries.
"Five dollar sucky-sucky? I love you long time!" said the Vietnamese LBFM to the peachy faced American draftee who still had wisdom teeth but was about to lose his virginity.
by Nathan April 8, 2003
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abbr. for little brown fucking machine, mostly used to diescribe people in the philippines mainly women
by *JUSSANOTHeRFLiP* October 6, 2003
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a abbreviation term used often in the U.S.Navy to denote Filipina women, especially hookers. It means "Little Brown Fucking Machines."
Ed got the clap from an LBFM around Subic Bay this past weekend. He never acquainted himself with the Trojan man.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 21, 2007
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"Little Brown Fucking Machines." Prostitutes, especially in the Philippines. Highly pejorative and offensive

Derived from troops stationed in Southeast Asia, said to be slang from the Vietnam era.
"Me and a few of the boys from C Company went down to the boom-boom house to pick up some LBFM's"
by tehBeau January 13, 2006
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Little Brown Fucking Machine. Refers to a young Hispanic female who has multiple baby daddies and/or is having multiple sexual relationships resulting in a great deal of associated drama.
Two of that LBFM's boyfriends showed up at the party and starting fighting. Someone ended up calling the police.
by walkingman February 27, 2009
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Guy1:That is one hot LBFM PBR!
Guy2: PBR?
Guy1: Powered by rice baby!
by erb1er August 10, 2007
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