1. A spiritual ghost. The entity is typically a human, and remains alive physically. Yet the relationship has died and they have removed you from their soul. (They may still remain in your soul, however.) Contrasted with the accurate use of terms such as "ghost," and "specter," the difference is that it is the relationship that has died.

synonyms: specter, phantom, wraith, spirit, presence, ghost.

1. "I'm afraid of her subic cuz it hurts my soul when she appears."

2. "It horrifies me to see a subic, because it is so hard to exorcise them--either you must force them to uproot and leave, or you must."

3. Subics are the only ghosts that have ever hurt me--at least when other loved ones die, I still feel their love and am comforted."
by AWrinkleInTime December 24, 2016
An arsonist and demolitions expert. Often performs freelance "under-the-radar" jobs. See also pothead
I was gonna let it be, but Subic had to burn the place down.
by Millertime January 14, 2005