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A spider who doesn't believe in government or authority.
A spider wove her web in front of the Presidential seal. She was an anarchid.
by Bilham April 18, 2011
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The Christmas shopping/cultural season between Halloween and New Year's Day
Every time I walk into a store I remember that I forgot to bring my ipod, and now I would have to listen to christmas music everywhere. It's the Seasonal Tsunami.
by Bilham December 8, 2010
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(Business letter): "I will look into the issue and get back to you soonest."
by Bilham March 11, 2014
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Real life, as opposed to online life. The place where people interact face to face. "Meat" is "People," as in bodies or flesh.

See "In the flesh."
He's got 466 Friends online, but only a sawyer's handful in the meatworld.

Ive been on this (dating) site since May '09. I took a break for 1.5 years when I had a steady GF, whom I met through friends in the meatworld.
by Bilham March 18, 2011
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One who sits around or pursues any task with inadequate enthusiasm. Different from "couch potato" in that s/he will do things, but only very slowly.
Although Hallie goes to the gym, she's basically a laze cadet, doing the treadmill for only seven minutes.
by Bilham May 21, 2010
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Charge forward against the enemy line, and at the first opportunity, drop and hide from the Russian snipers tasked with shooting deserters. Wait to be POWed and probably fed.
These young men had little training, and no appetite for war;

Commanders behind the trenches sent them into the maw of fire, from ahead and behind, a Russian Charge.
by Bilham March 14, 2022
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A quantity suggestive of fewer than five, or a short handful.

Derived from the concept of a lumber-mill worker’s (sawyer’s) hand often missing a finger and so less able to hold as much as a whole hand.
Being moody and obnoxious, Scott had only a sawyer's handful of friends.
by Bilham May 14, 2010
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