A restuarant serving food to average, American caucasian families who think they are "adventorous" by eating "authentic" Chinese food.
Chinese guy: I can't go to your house because I am having dinner in a Chinese restuarant.
by Kanorfsky January 14, 2007
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fast food Chinese restuarant. delicious food and good service. kung pao chicken with steamed rice=yummy goodness
Mom: What do you want for dinner?
Me: Panda Express!!!!!!!!
by SexyLexie August 17, 2007
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Delicious Chinese food found in many mall food courts. nothing like ham fried rice and orange chicken with some sweet and sour pork. mmm mm good
"Hey wanna go get some panda?"
"Yes. Yes I do."
by Panda_Enjoyer August 16, 2005
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A reference to a woman of Asian decent, normally deemed unattractive by other Asian men, yet is exotic and appealing to non-Asian men (or women).

The term is a reference to the fast food Chinese chain which serves cheap, greasy, unpalatable food. Panda Express is never frequented by Asians (with good culinary tastes ).
"Yo, check out that guy's Panda Express dish. Looks like he got the special. I bet he's going to get Gung Pao with it! "
by Banana Lover March 07, 2006
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Sells the worst chinese food ever. Found in mall food courts.
"I'm hungry as hell, let's eat some chinese food"
"ok, but not panda express, they suck"
by Joy March 28, 2005
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The worlds premier multi-national dining experience: Americanized Chinese food served to you by Mexicans.
Welcome to Panda Express. What entre would you like? Orange Chicken. Si Senor.
by sgman69 May 07, 2011
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When you are raped by a gang of angry pandas.
John was never really the same after he got the panda express.
by Chris September 14, 2008
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