Trick out with your dick out.

Rock out with your cock out.

Roast out with your toast out.

School out with your tool out.

Greet out with your meat out.

Ring out with your thing out.

Roll out with your roll out.
This has to be filled out so here's one more:

Wad out with your rod out.
by k dawg plus July 16, 2004
More similar terms:

Cool out with your tool out.

Check her out with your pecker out.

Stick out with your dick out.

Pose out with your hose out.

Wong out with your dong out.

Burst out with your wurst out.
And here's a few that are ass-related rather than penis-related:

Pass out with your ass out.

Bum out with your bum out.

And one that's vagina-related:

Jam out with your clam out.
by Mark H August 17, 2004
Does not mean to literally go somewhere with poeple with your penis potruding out of your pants. It is just a figurative statement used by Stifler in the recent movie American Wedding (American Pie 3) which means to go somwhere with the intention of having sex with the person you're going with.
by B-Jax June 27, 2004
The process of chillin with friends or girls with your penis hanging out of your zipper.
"You comin over?"
"Yea, lets hang out with our wang out"
by Jared Bishop June 17, 2004
Another for the ladies:

Veg out with my Vag out.

Chick1: What you doing tonight?

Chick2: Gonna Veg Out with my Vag out.

Hang out with your wang out.
by Go Sens Go November 3, 2008
In a pickup game of football amongst friends, the better of the two teams is known as Team Hang Out With Your Wang Out. The other team is then relegated the name Team Rock Out With Your Cock Out, which is not bad either, but not quite as good.
"Alright, we got Andy AND W, plus Phil. I decree us Team Hang Out With Your Wang Out. Ya'll can be Team Rock Out With Your Cock Out. We get ball first."
by Phil k March 24, 2005