An amazing teenage boy who is kind of short but very cute. He has beautiful eyes and an extraordinary personality. He's sweet, funny, talented and can make you smile at the drop of a hat. He's dead sexy and very intelligent. Anyone would be extremely lucky to have him.
"who's that gorgeous boy over there?"

"his name is niall"
by ilhsvm May 5, 2009
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the boy of your dreams. he is sexy and his eyes are like diamonds. he is funny and caring. you are lucky to have him in your life.
Girl 1: ahh he is fineeee. dayuuum i want him so bad.

Girl 2:pfff he must be a niall! ;)
by Flowbaybe October 17, 2009
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when you are in a niall state it is when youve just been boned so hard you must use a wheelchair to move's very sad to see people in a niall state.
wow, that dude looks like he's in a niall
by mozemo91234 February 8, 2009
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a out standing person the best type of niall is a niall wilson you mostly find them in Blackpool they are the best type of person if you ever get with a niall then your the luckiest person in the world
omg is that a niall he's so amazing
by big boi jim December 26, 2019
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a boy with absolutely humungous eyebrows! like caterpillars
"whoa check out that guys eyebrows.. he looks like niall!"
by yes no yes March 3, 2009
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a friends who will stab you in the back in relationship because they want to go out with your boy/girl friend
terry: yo adam watch out i think marcus is gonna niall on you and steph
adam: aight thanks ill be watchful
by shifty_character July 8, 2006
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An amazing Irish boy with amazing blue eyes that will just win you over, prefect in every way.
"He's so beautiful!"
"He's so, NIALL!"
by Love for Amazing People May 28, 2013
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