Drummer for the largest metal band ever, Metallica. Takes a lot of heat for the napster incident. Also gets shit on a lot by people who say he sucks a lot at drums, without thinking if the fact that Lars never said he was good, or talks like he knows what the hell he's doing anyways. He probably doesnt care anyways. He is making truckloads of money playing for Metallica, and he has a hot doctor wife. Does life get any better? I submit that it does not!
-Who plays drums for Metallica?
-Why, Lars Ulrich plays the drums for Metallica.
-Ah, Thank You
by scuba steve November 7, 2004
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(1) Former great drummer, now too busy crying over filesharing to properly tune a goddamn snare.
(2) Sellout
(1) Did you hear St Anger?
Yeah, and it sucked ass -- when the fuck did Lars start playing steel drums?

(2) Dude, that band sold out big time. They're all a bunch of Lars Ulrichs now.
by BeanSpleen February 3, 2005
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Drummer, famous for looking like an angry, evil face making midget, who kicks great amounts of arse.
yo im hittin this metallica show tonight fo sho, just to have a glance at one of them evil-assed grins of my man Lars, bitch
by baos December 27, 2003
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Danish born drummer for the well known metal band Metalllica, who spearheaded the lawsuit aginst Napster and who is trying to get metallica's music off the net by stealing peoples hard drives one at a time. he also thinks he's more popular than he is.
Hello i'm Lars and I'm here to take your hard drive. Or i'll sue you.
by Fuck Me Freddy! April 1, 2003
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1. Man, Lars Ulrich can really play those skins!

2. Dude, I'm heading out to Lars Ulrich's to get a cheeseburger.
by Matthew McDonnell July 28, 2004
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Technical drummer. Lucky to have met Mr. James (rhythm god) Hetfield. Went against Napster but who really gives a flying fuck anymore? Who really gave a flying fuck then? Can still haul his ass off live on the doubles.
Any show.
by Anthony June 27, 2004
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see Chucky

Lars Ulrich is Chucky from the Chucky movies.
Lars Ulrich is Chucky.
by OH NO,I'm GONNA GET SUED November 23, 2004
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