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Movie star who only uses 2 facial expressions in every movie he's in: smiling and not smiling.
Bad guy: I can see that your very upset.
Tom Cruise: You've never seen me...very upset.
by scuba steve January 21, 2005
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1. what happens when "person A" listens to an unpopular band to set themselves apart from the crowd, then that band becomes popular and all the people that "person A" hates (usually from school) enjoy that band too. because of this "person A" will get angry at their band and say they are sell outs.

2. when "person A" goes to the grocery store looking for an item and it is not in stock.
1. oh man, green day/blink 182/system of a down/the used/slipknot/mudvayne/john mayer have totally sold out because all the populoids (popular kids) have started to listen to them!

2. oh man the grocery store has sold out of apples, where will i go find some now?
by scuba steve November 14, 2004
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Baseball lost its title of the great American pastime when the internet was invented
by scuba steve November 7, 2004
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"Running Faggot, running free, see the faggot, he fed a puppy, Running Faggot, running free!"
by scuba steve January 14, 2005
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A facade. A way for record companies to get rich off the same music that gullible techsuckers already own. Don't buy into the bullshit about better sound quality, especially of SACDs that were culled from digitally recorded originals and not master tapes. All CDs that are SACD are copy-protected so you can't play them on your PC, you can't rip them, and you can't upload them -- no back-ups, which is just what they want.
Austin: Hey, is that an SACD?
Me: Uh, no, I just turned my treble up.
by scuba steve January 15, 2005
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The sound that is made when you wreck your moped. (Mike Kory)
I turned too sharp and all of the sudden... PHOSHAMBO... there was only one thing it could have been. I had wrecked my moped
by scuba steve August 25, 2003
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