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He's either an evil good guy doll or that lame kid from rugrats.
Chucky is a bag of fun. :D
by Jimmy_kimmell May 30, 2005
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Common Scottish phrase for small stones usually of an ideal size to throw. Commonly used to describe the stones used in drive ways and gardens.
If you want a low maintenance garden then put some chuckies down.
by Hobsie November 16, 2010
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Somebody that stabs you in the back. Referring to the Chucky movies.
"He was calling my girl while I was away."
"What a Chucky."
by Chucky hater February 04, 2010
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A professional Snowstorm Player that is well-known around the world, on Habbo Australia. He has been playing since the early days of 2007, has been and still is the best Snowstorm Player in the world and has won many tournament titles. Some say that he is beyond immortal, and his extraordinary skills may never be met.
Random 1: I had a game with chuckys last night.
Random 2: Yeah?
Random1: He completely owned me!
Random 2: Nobody stands a chance against him, anyway.
by Habbo AU August 07, 2009
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1. one who is of ginger Complexion (aka red barrons, firecrotcH, gingErs)

2. the eviL little doll from childS play
- hEy bro check out thAt little chucky hoe

- ehhhh gingers creep me
by Mr. Fushigi June 27, 2010
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Nickname given to former NFL head coach and current NFL analyst, Jon Gruden, for his similar looks to the doll in the Movie "Child's Play."
Chucky made a good point when he said the Cowboys could win the NFC East this year.
by Nealeo January 05, 2010
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