a nigga that ain't your mans
He's a larry, he not ya mans.
by 420guap January 23, 2018
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Verb - when you have to look something up on the internet, notably in urbandictionary.com. To larry.
he didn't even know what FNG meant so he larry'd it.

he was due for a cleveland steamer but we knew he'd have to larry it first.
by bitkahuna May 31, 2011
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Good weed. The piff. Crippy. ANy type of good weed.
we need some larry in our life he always makes it better.
S: Yo where that nigga larry at?
Z: Hes comin, he wanna get you high.
by Nigga Steve February 6, 2008
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well, when you larry, you tend to end up with black eyes.
by notsomegirl February 24, 2010
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1. a loner, has no friends
2. to puke up after drinking / taking drugs
1. "What's Chris doing tonight?"
"Probably sitting at home on his own, what a larry"

2. "you drank so much last night. did you larry it?"
by |3dnut| February 17, 2006
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in reference to marijuana, specifically crip.
in a drug deal situation:
"yo, can i talk to larry?"
"yeah brah, how much larry do you wanna see"
"half eigth"
"word. $25."
"iight, meet me at the mcdonalds parking lot in 10"
"iight, late mang"
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