High quality grade Marijuana, usually from Florida. Typically has a lot of red hairs, high crystal concentration, and a pungent smell. The term itself encompasses a wide variety of buds, but it's usually grown in Orlando, and gets around to basically everywhere in Florida, from Jacksonville, to Tampa, to Ft. Myers and Miami. The term actually originated because even a little bit of this stuff will leave you couchlocked for hours.
"I got two pounds of Crippy Weed, and I'm rolling through Saint Cloud" - The Supervillains

"We had 2 grams of crippy weed last night, I don't remember what we did, but I know we didn't move off that damn couch till about 3 in the morning"
by O Train December 22, 2007
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really good weed.

Crippy is the same thing as hydro. you smoke it, the high creeps up on you, hence the name: crippy.

sometimes found with red hairs in it, truly a beautiful sight for a pothead.
stoner 1- "duuude, i think im flying!"
stoner 2- "no man, its just the crippy."
by Bruntanng October 19, 2005
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Also known as "krippy" its a slang name for hydroponic Florida grown marijuana. The indoor grow capital of the world. This is just "good" cannabis, but other states grow a million times better and organically farmed vs the nutrient pumped crippy weed.

Krippy high-grade is not the best but not the worst, it is grown STRICTLY by illegal and legal Cuban immigrants in southwest, southeast, and even central florida.

The appearance is almost always the same as they only grow a few varieties of strains. Excessive Orange hairs, fresh-plant smell, fluffy buds, medium THC levels is a DEAD-give away of indoor-grown Floridian cannabis. It is often distributed throughout all the major Floridia cities and even north up the coast line on 95
"you got any crippy?"
by bdreams August 25, 2013
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Adjective used to describe food that has been cooked to a crispy texture.
Can be used by people with lisps.
Some crippy perogi please
I want my bacon CRIPPY!
by Brad Wong July 11, 2008
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1. Word that exists primarily only in Florida, referring to exceptional marijuana. Throughout most of central to south florida, pot is only referred to in terms of "regs" or "crip/crippi," unless referring specifically to more obscure or hard to find strains, like white widow, purple haze, northern lights, etc. Typically fruity-smelling and extremely potent. Crippi is actually a florida grown weed that is a Sativa strain, giving a great mental high with very little body sluggishness.

Hearing something descibed as "crippi" does not guarantee that it is actually the crippi strain, but it is definitely going to be very potent.
Man, I totally just wrote that whole dictionary entry while I was blazed on crippi!"
by UD is good for drugs October 4, 2005
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