Military term, 'Fucking New Guy' usually someone just out of training or just transfered into the unit/AO, who either hasn't proved his worth or doesn't know how to operate properly due to lack of experiance.
"Damnit, nearly everyone here is an FNG, we'll be wiped out on the next op"
by MarineJulio June 7, 2004
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Finna nut gang a term used by YouTube legend imdontai it defines a gang of his subs that nut everywhere lol
Bro I’m in the FNG I’m finna nut on yo girl
by Imjusbored April 9, 2020
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The FNG messed up again
by B.Nash February 7, 2008
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Military Slang: Fucking New Guy
used to describe an unskilled individual
"What the hell are you doing Pyle."
"Reassembling my C9"
"Awww damn it you stupid FNG! That is a block of RDX not a box magazine!!!!"
by JPJCJ October 4, 2006
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"Fucking New Guy". Military slang for recruits.
It's the FNG, sir.
by Fiery Shadow September 8, 2020
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ImDontai’s gang FNG(finna nut gang)pretty chill but got some real demons that smoke tiktok accounts and youtubers who do to much.FNG is also affiliated wit a lesser known gang named PNG(Pre noti gang)these are where all the real niggas chill at PNG is famous for being the only community to have pre streams before the streamer starts usually lasting longer than the stream they are waiting for.
I was wit my YRG and FNG niggas on a ride out looking for opps but we smoked dem all 6
by Haph October 8, 2020
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A British YouTuber of Nigerian descent that posesses a dusty trim. When he was just a teenager, he got a career-ending knee injury, ending his career in football/soccer early.
"Yo guys, it's ya boy, mildly managable trim FNG here and welcome to FTW." - Niran Yesufu
by comrade cyka August 26, 2022
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