what kind of lappie do you want to buy? apple? dell?
by myftsmls July 11, 2008
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Dang, I want to get a lappie from the pole hoe, but she won't come over here. That pole isn't even giving her money.
by Martin Goya March 24, 2006
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"Scroll button and the lappy together at last, How you ever learn to skrippy-scroll so fast?"-Strong Bad
by Losti March 22, 2005
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Short for laptop.
Usually used if the laptop is insanely cute and sexy.
I just love my new lappy.
by Camradal November 30, 2003
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As in: She gave me a lappy..,
she gave me the sweetest lappy eveeer..
by Quints January 23, 2010
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Another popular name for the laptop.
Hold on; lemme get my lappy and then I can show you that email.
by J.Lup. January 16, 2011
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(noun) a shortened version of the word 'laptop', or 'laptop computer'.
Come take a look at my lappy!

Your lappy is overheating.

I just got a brand new lappy muthafuckaaa!
by laaaaaaaaaaaaaal August 16, 2009
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