A person with no real independent personality, only adoration for his or her significant other.
Have you met steve's new girlfriend? She's such a lapdog, all she does is shrug when you ask her a question, and then laugh at all of Steve's jokes.
by Youdosmellbad December 18, 2008
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A lapdog is one who follows around another person, and does things to suck up to that person, which is their respective owner.
God Luis, you are such a lapdog to Eduardo.
by Adam Sandler II August 8, 2018
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a small pet, usually adorable
Did you see my teacup poodle, Schnookyums? Cutest lapdog EVER!
by N. Chomsky October 4, 2006
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A 20something man who lands a hot female his age or slightly older.(no more than 5 years)He's muscular,pretty,and fucks the daylights outta her.Too bad he's broke.She's out whoring around with "WEALTHY MEN WHO CAN..."but has LAPDOG for emotional comfort and workouts at the gym.He don't really wanna know what the deal is 'bout that nice condo and the Porsche Boxster.All relationships are temporary...and this one's no different:She'll either
dump him when "MR.BIG STAMPS" decides to take her private...
Or when he returns to being ALPHA DOG as opposed to safe LAPDOG.
GYM RAT 1:"Wassup wit'Dylan and that chick he trains with?
He don't hang wit' us no mo'."

GYM RAT 2:"Yeah...Never seen homie play LAPDOG like this
before.Must be pussy whipped."
by L.MARTIN October 30, 2005
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Slang for Laptop Computer.

Usually used by Geeks trying to play their 'geekyness' down and look cool
'Where is the Disc?'

'It's in the Lapdog'
by Hypersonik October 24, 2009
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