The most amazing person alive, a great friend, BEAUTIFUL!, great personality, the envy of all girls, rocker chic that is awsome, sweet hearted and cares for animals dearly, always trys to help.

All in all... the most AMAZINGGG person you will ever meet!

Lanai is soooo awsome.
i wish i was as pretty as her.
by COOKIE754 August 5, 2011
A girl who can sing that will make you cry and that will make you laugh with her jokes and you can always trust her. When you need someone to spend your life with pick Lanay.
boy 1: Man my girl just had a talk with me and I told her i couldn't trust her anymore
boy 2: Well dude I am going to tell you something right now you need to go back in that classroom and talk with Lanay you can trust her
boy 2: Well thanks bro i will right now
by Cupcake_Carter March 23, 2017
an awakening, to awake into a wisdom.
Surviving the car accident was truly lanay for me.
by Samantha Hunlu September 17, 2011
Lanai (Noun) A veranda or roofed patio area in yard of a residential home.
E.g. Hit television show 'The Golden Girls' frequently referenced 'the lanai' behind the girl's home.
by DSHEA DUDE June 4, 2009
A sweet and kind girl who is loyal and modest a child at heart and is beautiful she cares about animals and cares about her lover with all her heart is a bit shy but it’s ok it’s cute -malmal
by Crispy chips August 2, 2018
Lanai is a sexy sweet girl and she has a big ass and she will beat yo ass if she need to just cuz she love her "Daddy" Donshae 😍!.
Lanai is so sweet.
by Iloveschool12 December 19, 2017
Hawaiian for a private porch attached to a hotel room, perfect for having outdoor sex.
We stayed in a great resort and had tons of lanai sex
by Jfman August 30, 2018