1. In Glasgow, a miniscule balcony on a high-rise tower block.
2. In the rest of the English-speaking world, including the rest of Scotland, a large raised patio overlooking a lawn.
1. "Dougie, quick it's raining. Take the washing in off the veranda."

2. "I think this calls for G-and-Ts on the veranda. Wouldn't you agree, Hamish?"

3. "Oh no, not again. I thought he'd already asked everyone in the company where they come from, and what they think 'veranda' means."
by Observer52 August 03, 2005
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1. the female version of the taint
2. a very holy place that a man often come across as his tongue travels from performing cunnilingus to giving a rim job
1. trisha had a bruise on her veranda from my ringfinger after giving her the shocker
2. damn trisha's veranda tasted like sweet cherry pie
by tsowel hung June 13, 2005
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