(noun) An individual who is acting in a frustrating or annoying way. Someone who is not behaving appropriate to their current situation or is putting on a general disagreeable attitude.

(noun) Someone who is acting rather lame.

(synonyms) loser, bore, git, idiot, retard
I really get annoyed when we have to hang out with Tommy, he\'s just such a lamer ever since he got rejected last weekend.
by Caitlin McNabb November 14, 2007
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Someone who posts threads or topics on forums for the sole purpose of irritating others.
Half the users on this site are lamers.
by Matt July 08, 2005
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One who can't type, can't spell, has only one soul purpose to annoy others.
George Bush
David Hasslehoff
Jessica Simpson
That fat guy from boogie nights
by Thompson February 22, 2004
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To refer to something as being extra lame. If something is so lame it need extra emphasis. When something is consistently pointless and it becomes annoying.
This movie is super lamers..
by whitelightning05 June 08, 2009
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One who requires the help of Action Replay to progress in their gaming career.
'I'm glad I had Action Replay or I'd never have completed the first level of Super Monkey Ball'
by Ho ho ho!! :o) August 13, 2003
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Basically someone who utilizes any tactic they can to achieve social or pshychological betterment over someone else. Usually associated with gaming. twink
Counter-Strike example: "ChuckDomeshot uses an ak47 after an admin has used admin_csay knife round"
by Alex June 05, 2004
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One who lames, laming being definded by rude and cheap actions in online multiplayer games. Lamers often choose to get points in dishonerable ways such as killing vulnerable people repeatedly or killing people who are chatting.
Dude, kick that stupid lamer before i have to kill him.
by Jay C October 01, 2003
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