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A script kiddie who talks shit to other users.
Well loser, I will run Sub7 on your ass.
by Hitsua May 18, 2004
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To make a long story short, it's an alternative to being homosexual, I.E: being homosexual, dancing, and listening to homosexual music.
I'm a flaming homosexual, let's go hardcore dancing.
by Hitsua August 31, 2005
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One of the most coolest people on the net. Member of www.genxtreme.net. Came from his real name "Austin" backwards. His writing is horrible so when he wrote it down the N looked like an H. All be damned.
Wow this Hitsua kid is cool, I want him to kick my ass.
by Hitsua June 02, 2004
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Somthing a negro would say to make their Kmart quality jewlery sound better.
Negro :I just went to Kays Jewlers and bought me some Bling Bling.
Me: Fagget *Sacrafices*
by Hitsua June 02, 2004
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