A website that is well formatted and contains lots of helpful game guides and cheats/secrets. The message boards however are complete shit and are run by a bunch of nazis who mod you and ban you for no reason if they dont like what you said.
GameFaqs helped me beat many games but when i asked for help with something on the message boards some 8 year old told me that i was a fag for not using capital letters even though he spelled every second word wrong.
by Blind_assassin September 27, 2005
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A very large, searchable, freely accessible online database of video/computer game hints, cheats, tips and walkthroughs. The entries in the database are provided almost exclusively by other gamers worldwide.

The website also provides moderated noticeboards where fellow gamers can discuss gaming strategies and experiences.

Let's go check gamefaqs for information how to defeat the three-headed kitten.
by TaliaJX January 4, 2006
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An awesome video game website that has been scarred by countless Moderators.
Let's go to GameFAQs

Nah, I don't wanna have to deal with the mods.
by adamb123 January 6, 2009
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One of the first websites to host walkthru's , exploits, secrets and gamesaves. Each game gets its own mini-site of faqs and a message board. Gamefaqs was home and life for a generation of video gamers now dying of the real life disease. Of the independent support sites for gamefaqs wikifaqs is notable but unknown.

Gamefaqs is a rare place where gamelords hang out, a full gamut of gamelords ranging from top at the game to narcissistic poop throwers. If you do not want to chance your luck on the game board, then the answers option allows you to find your answer in a more controlled setting. Keep in mind that the people trying to answer your question are not getting paid!
The term cheat on gamefaqs refers to an exploit .
Gamefaqs is privately owned.
by Crossing Midnight March 14, 2016
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Home of the internet's most ridiculously anal moderators.
Only on GameFAQs can you get banned for saying "guido".

by yanorglu March 2, 2009
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Crappy site filled with 15-year-old fanboys who don't know what a troll is.

The message boards are apparently for game discussion, but what they really boil down to is a small group of elitist knobs desperately trying to impress each other by posting memes in every topic.
Person: This game wasn't as good as the last one in my opinion. Here are some areas where I felt it was lacking: ... ... ..., anyone care to discuss or share ideas?
GameFag #1: I don't see the point of this other than to troll.
GameFag #2: Cool story bro.
GameFag #3: inb4coolstorybro
GameFag #3: Damn, beaten by three seconds!
GameFag #4: Don't feed the troll.
*Topic locked*

^Generally how topics go on GameFAQs.
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An extremely popular website for video game FAQs, cheats, game saves, and etc. While mostly a hang-out for gamers, it is also frequently visited by lovers of anime, wrestling, and etc.

Main Interest:

The best part of GameFAQs (not to mention its namesake and what makes it popular) is the video game FAQs. Containing thousands of guides on various aspects for various games, GameFAQs is basically a heaven for almost anything related to video games.

However, while the FAQs is considered to be the heart and soul of GameFAQs, what truly makes it an exciting place are the message boards. Like all message boards, it has its share of fools, but truth is that a great deal of the board consist of intelligent posters too. Hanging around the message boards of GameFAQs is a virtually guarantee that you'll learn everything you need to know about video games.

The Ugly:

While GameFAQs is truly a wonderful place for gamers, it also has its share of negative aspects, which can be summarized into two words: Moderators and CNET.

CNET - In May, 2003, GameFAQs was bought out by CNET. Users of the website were promised by CNET themselves that GameFAQs would not be changed in any way, shape, or form. However, over the following months, many changes occurred but the vast majority were very small.

One year after the purchase, however, GameFAQs underwent a major change. Aside from receiving a new, more flashy interface, it was also merged with GameSpot's forums (which many original GameFAQs users claimed was the cause of the increase in ignorance among the boards). Regardless, things remained as such until 2006, in which GameFAQs underwent another visual change.

Moderators - To make a long story short, a good deal of GameFAQs hate the moderators, which would explained why (to a new user) so many users doesn't bother to mod topics which violates the ToS of GameFAQs.

Some users feel that the moderators are "blind" (i.e. they believe this is the reason why the vast majority of extremely obvious troll topics are never moderated) while other users become angry with the moderators for what they feel is an unjust mod of their topic or post.

Additionally, some users feel that the contest system on GameFAQs (provided so that users can contest a moderation) is skewed against them. This may or may not be true, but it is true that the contest system outright claims that it is extremely unlikely a contest will be accepted. Though it is not necessarily an indication that the system is skewed against users, users nonetheless received the impression from the message (and often, from the moderators' response to their contest) that the system is, indeed, skewed against them.


Overall, GameFAQs is still a wonderful place to talk about video games or to look up help. There are some jerks, fanboys, and trolls on the boards, but truth is that the same goes for any other website. Additionally, the number of these people are very small. The majority of GameFAQs consist of fun-loving users who love their games and is more than willing to help their fellow gamers (or those who simply has a question or two).

Simply put, don't let CNET's love for advertisement and the moderators' rather, er, zealous attitude bring down your enjoyment of GameFAQs and you'll have a good time there.
A: To me, the FAQs is the heart of GameFAQs but the users are the soul. If either one is missing, GameFAQs would lose a big part of itself.

B: A glass of wine, my friends, to the hope that CNET does not add anymore advertisements to GameFAQs nor any other major overhauls.

C: When posting on GameFAQs, it is better to not respond to any moderators you see. This goes for whether they're modding you or whether you just see them posting in a topic. Trust me, this will save you more than a little bit of trouble.
by BusinessMan October 26, 2006
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