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A person who thinks about sex and anything related to it constantly. And...
an exotic sexy mama who cant get enough of those chocolate boys with an addictiong for "a lil somethin something" know what im saying a freak on the streets and in bed
Can also be realted to a Jackel or demond child
Man of Color #1: She keeps looking at me
Man of Color #2: Thats only because she is a lamees

Man #1: oh damn, its harlem, if only lamees were here
Man #2: id tap that
by Gina Jumper July 05, 2008
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Something that is nice and soft and cuddly and curvy and smart and not lame
Who's that soft intelligent beast over there?

That's Lamees.
by Habbo Torro March 30, 2009
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A person (mostly a girl) who can light up your day with her beautiful smile and she'd get you in trouble if you start staring at her beauty. She likes to cuddle and to make you feel special ones in a while. I adore her very much.
Lamees lit up my life about 2 months ago.
by TheRealMVP. June 15, 2016
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By definition this a lame, but worse. This generally happens when a younger sister thinks she is not lame, but truly is lame.
Emily thinks she is not lame, but she is a Lamee all day
by Masta_HighRolla October 20, 2014
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