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The quiet kid, often the student in class that goes unnoticed. There are voluntary quiet kids, and there are involuntary quiet kids. Voluntary quiet kids are often loners, who are very self-sufficient, and can in some cases be motivated to stay unnoticed, or low-key. Involuntary quiet kids may have shy tendencies, and may actually be too timid to initiate friendship. Often labled as mysterious, or weird by classmates. Many have suffered negative lables by judgemental people such as: gay, emo, goth, 'mental', shy, rude, mean, stuck-up, and boring, which is unfair to the quiet kid, because most people (yes, even teachers), make these judgements without taking the time to understand or get to know the individual. Often the quiet-kid is not "boring" as some may suggest, but instead may not feel that the people in their environment are good for their personality, especailly with most people being so judgemental anyway.
Adult colleague: So what were you like in highschool?
Friend: It's actually funny, because I was actually the "quiet kid."
Adult colleauge: Damn, you're pretty chill, I would've never thought.
Friend: I never really fit in, it's funny because they never took the time to get to know me.
by Aparaceu July 1, 2016
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The act of a guy or girl, (commonly used when describing a guy) making (or attempting to make) covert advances towards the object of their affection, typically to illicit sex later on, or 'test the waters' for further advances, typically physcial in nature.
Girl: I asked my guy friend to keep me stable while stretching, and he got too close to my side boob.

Girl 2: Girrrrrl he was tryna get fresh with you.

Girl: I know, I called his ugly ass out too.
by Aparaceu April 6, 2017
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Usually, it's not the "quiet guy" as some may suggest, but rather it's the person who rambles on, and on, and on, and on, talking about what ever interests him, instead of making conversation a two way endeavor. Rarley does this person ever take the time out to ask a question about what you, like, but rather continues rambling on about their life. Boring types may not always show these qualities, but are usually people who lack charisma or charm. Boring also includes people who rarley have anything positive to say regarding other people, but instead ramble on and on about how people have done them wrong, or talk about the flaws of others. Mistaken are people who lable "private," or soft-spoken types as boring, as these people, often can smell out those who are just being nosy, have hidden agendas, and don't really want to get to know them.
Person A: That quiet girl is SUCH a boring person. Ugh, like everything is so one-sided!
Person B: Are you sure she dosen't think YOU'RE boring? It sounds like you talked her head off, some people take more effort to get to know because people can be so shady.
by Aparaceu July 1, 2016
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A very subjective term, usually describing someone who goes against someone's way of thinking. A lame person could be someone who has poor social skills, or lacks charisma. Lame could also imply someone who is rude to other people to be controlling, or someone who follows the crowd without having their own style or unique, paridoxically, lame could also mean someone who is TOO unique and therefore removed from basic normal interactions, ie: this person may still like to play with stuffed animals at age 15 whereas everyone else his age has moved on to Xbox or Twitter. It could further be a word lame people use to take the heat off of being called lame also.
Person A: He writes so small, that's lame.
Person B: It's lame because he dosen't act exactly like YOU? You sound lame.
by Aparaceu July 1, 2016
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