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Something completely and udderly stupid, a waste of time, boring
1) My chemistry class was lame-o today!
2) That geek in my class is lame-o!
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg November 01, 2003
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use to describe a lame person.
or a lame activity

adam you are such a lame-o.
adam played that flute like a lame-o.

Blair: adam's cat has no eyes or legs
Greensmith: thats lame but not as lame as me
Blair: yeah, youare a super lame-o
by blair_p August 09, 2006
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Someone who spends all day on Urban typing up crude/unfunny/mean definitions for peoples names. One reaches "uber lame-o" status when they define one name in a negative manor more than once, pretending they're someone different every time.
Sandy: "Melissa is SUCH a whore! I'm going to go on Urban Dictionary and type up all these awful definitions about her name as a passive agressive means of showing her how much I hate her because, in reality, I'm jealous of everything about her. THEN PEOPLE WILL LAUGH AT THEM AND IT WILL HURT HER SOUL!
Jenna: Wow, you're a real fuckin' lame-o for that.
by Oy, Nineteen, Eld July 23, 2008
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A person who in the embodiment of the word lame.
Lives breathes and speaks stupidity.
Often know to bake apple pies.
Person 1: "You know Samantha spells lame-o lamo?"

Person 2: "I know right? What a lame-o."
by Capo da Don March 08, 2007
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person who says, does, or involves themselves in things that can be classified as lame.
damien: "look up sarcasm in the urban dictionary"
carli: "you love that site, you fucking lame o."
by carli-rachel. July 30, 2006
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