A name for a dog that is bigger than 140lbs and prances around like a flaming homo. This was first seen at 513 in tempe arizona.
Dude is your great dane mean a lambchop or what he just prances around smelling the flowers.
by Tango October 08, 2004
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The act of masturbating into a sock.

Taken from/referencing the Shari Lewis sock puppet "Lambchop".
Every day after school Greg would polish off a Lambchop before his Mom got home.
by Filbur August 14, 2014
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its a radical sheep that i used to watch when i was just a wee child. =P
by Taylor March 30, 2005
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the most physchiatric, tempting, undeniably regretable but oh so delicious, warm, complicated sex position ever thought of. the tina lambchop requires a numerous amount of cats, pepper spray, softballs, wooden and plastic chairs, and possibly a lawn mower (if shes already loose), and many other objects that you could never think could be used sexually. the tina lambchop is so horrid and obese those who even google image it are circumcised for life.
me and hannah goguen just did the tina lambchop, shes now cripples and braindead.
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A character from an old folktale about An extremely accurate marksman who shoots people for making fun of his nickname.
by Lamb93 December 19, 2016
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