/LEE ASH/ 1. A person who strongly implies they have either romantic, sexual, platonic attention towards you but actually doesn't, they lead you on, and eventually either begin to ignore you or constantly bring up the problem, it's very likely they will try sucking you in again
Tommy: I love you

Trisha: you’re such a laj all you do is play with my heart

Tommy: you right
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by Maxoroni And Memez May 27, 2018
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Little annoying Jew...

Also know as Alon Willing of the BKW Bulldogs jv baseball team

Also refered to as Mulan

(pronounced like lag)
Man oh man is he a laj
by BKW April 27, 2008
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LAJ stands for Lame Ass Joke. check the examples.....
" Why did the cat cross the road?"

"Sry Bro LAJ"
by Nathan December 14, 2004
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