person 1: "whas good gng?"
person 2: "nothin much bro, wbu?"
by shidouryuseis September 9, 2023
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just a shortening for gang meaning they fam or close friends
person 1. “you know von?”

person 2. “yeah, he gng”
by slang ig August 2, 2021
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you use this as name for your friends. Abbreviation for gng in texting
by antonyj9h July 15, 2022
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LIQuIDLIoN20 02: gng
Bam Margera 809: gng
by Bam September 6, 2003
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The widely-used abreiviation for the title of AFI's "Girl's Not Grey"
Me 'n' Tanya are learning how to play GNG for the coffehouse on Monday
by Tanja April 5, 2004
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"thanks gng really appreciate the help" , "no problem gng"
by onacomeup January 19, 2023
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