to get up that lil' hole!
i laid my bitch!!!!!!!!
by bob March 18, 2005
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to fuck with someone that you have no interest in.
guess what man, i got laid with that ugly chick up there.
by Kevin October 28, 2003
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ohhhh those girls mujst have laids
by kakato123 December 14, 2017
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the short and short of it is to go out and screw peeps.
chick 1:yea, i just got back from screwin that one guy.
chick 2: coolio.
by kitty December 2, 2003
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Having, or have had, sexual intercourse with another.
Guy: Hey, would you like to go back to my place and have the laids?
Girl: I have a boyfriend.
by Nex (level:1001) May 28, 2016
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1. To of had sex, with anyone, him/her self, or anything else.
2. To have laid on the couch.
3. I don't know any other way's for LAID.
Refer To Top For Number Listings.
1. Carl:"Man I just got laid by the hot chick over there Joe...Yep she was good"
Joe: "Hey Carl, that's a guy..."

2. Stephany:"Why haven't you answered my calls?!"
Joe:"Because I found out you're a guy, and I laid on the couch and suddenly passed out..."

3. Random Person:"Any thing else I could use the word laid for?"
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Combonation of Aids and Laid aids sex disease slut
Man, that girl is such a slut if she doesn't slow down she is going to get laids.
by Sidney February 7, 2005
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