what we live for but never achieve
john:dude im getting laid tonight
mike:you lucky bastard
by thechas3 September 29, 2020
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To accept the total bullshit doctrines of the Cult of QAnon.
Whatever you do, do NOT drink the Q-Laid!
by Intelligence001 November 17, 2020
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getting beaten in a fight or getting bashed
This guy talked back to a cop and got laid out.
by Streetzorz March 10, 2005
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After the party in the "res", me and Beth went behind a tree and I Eska Laid her realy good!
by Bob Gruszka May 2, 2009
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when a male falls asleep while receiving a handjob.
"So I was at a party last night with this girl and i was so high that i fell asleep while receiving a handjob," Jordan said.

"Dude you got dolphin laid!" Pete said.

the following was based on a true story
by pvb1012 October 10, 2009
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To be near death or very sick. To be physically or mentally ill, or both.
Dude was laid low for a while by that bad shit he got from Zak.
by Elapsetime April 6, 2013
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Beautiful-ugly. Mainly applied to descriptions of women who are not classically beautiful, but whose features have beautify in an unconventional way. A classic reference would be Bette Davis; Charlotte Gainsbourg is a modern example.
The refined man scanned the women at the reception passing over the typical blond hair blue eyed pretty girls and affixed on the jolie-laide girl in the corner; her slightly too-large nose, diastema, and awkward gaze lent their own kind of subtle unique beauty.
by metro_mlv November 13, 2010
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