Wilfred's a guy who you can easily talk to. He's someone who has definitely got a superb taste in music. Watch out though, he secretly thinks he's too cool for anyone and he probably is. Has smooth moves up his sleeves but is too shy to show them off. Probably stares at the mirror feeling like he's Elvis though. Overall, top guy.
Carla: Damn that Wilfred guy is pretty cool, right?
Jasmine: Yeah and he's cute too! *swoons*
by cheesecake_ July 14, 2016
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Wilfred is a man who is extremely masculine and liked by many. He is good looking, well mannered and intelligent! All guys want to be a Wilfred and all girls want to date a Wilfred.
Hey bro look at Wilfred, all the chicks dig him man!
by Stacey Fredisha February 1, 2015
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He is a daddy's boy and he is nice tho :)
Wilfred is kind and says "daddy"
by mrthiiicccc December 2, 2020
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is a very reflective person, tends to treat you the way you treat him. A team player and a person who knows how to fix things. He's no genius but everyone thinks he knows everything.
Hey Wilfred, are you a God?
by Hoomanoid November 23, 2021
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You Wilfred, You
by You you you June 27, 2021
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A.K.A - Lord of the timebox. He is likened to a pit bull, refusing to bow to PM's who he despises like rain in the middle of summer.

He enjoys asking people to update liquidplanner and enjoys Guinness
PM: FFS Wilfred, I haven't had time.
Wilfred: Shame on you!
by electricman123 September 26, 2018
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A really Hot and cool Guatemalan/Mexican guy, that looks like he is from white/american descent. Wilfred is commonly used as a white persons name. Or a dogs name.
"I met Wilfred at the rave last night! He was my rave buddy. It was amazing"
by meownicky September 23, 2013
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