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Yager is a term used in the German Army to Describe someone with expert marksmanship. Relating to a sniper in the US Army. Yager is also a term used when describing a small task force deployed behind enemy lines to carry out covert operations. They relate to SEALs or Army Rangers.

Yager is also a term for a bad ass mother fucker. All Yager's know how to hunt deer, and slay some poon. If you are a Yager, you have country in your blood and you ain't afraid to get messy! A true Yager loves playin in the mud, hunting, slaying some poon, and defending those they love. A Yager is a fighter, but can love when they need to. And Yager's definitely know how to fight! A Yager never backs down from a fight and never bows down to anyone. A Yager will respect only those who have respect for them. A Yager is an all around bad ass!
Wow did you see that shot? He's an expert Yager.
Damn, who's that dude over there killin all the deer and bangin all the women? He must be a Yager.

Why are you nervous for the fight? We have Yager on our side. He'll fight to the death!
by Jamison19972013 March 21, 2015
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Instead of saying jesus christ replace it with Yager so you don't say the lords name in vein
by STIFFBOII January 07, 2017
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The sound you make when you get shmacked
You better scramble like an egg before you get folded like an omelette nigga , (gets shmacked) yager
by Mali g August 05, 2019
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