Epitomised in the early 21st century, the state of being, derived from LAD. In australia nameley, Perth private boys schools. Ladsy Qualities personofied and loyaly upheld by the noble lad chapter of Scotch College, Perth Australia:
Indisciminate Beer Buying for your fellow brethren

Constant Use of Ladsy Vocabulary,
nameley: "Traaauuuu" "Dardi" "Devvo" "Maggot" And perhaps most prolifically used, cries of "LADSYYYY".

Various ladsy activites include: Getting "Maggot" Being Ladsy, Spoting "Dardi ladies" Funeling fullstrength Lagers Only Consuming Aussie, Sub-$30 Brews.
"Oi, Macca, Your like, fucken ladsy ayyy"

"Oi, that dardi chicks party was fucken LADSYYY"
"yeah i funnelled like 30 coldies, i was fuken MAGGOT"
"Yeah but my hangover mad me devvo ayyyy"
by sam and macca August 10, 2006
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generally a male who is a champ
"twas pretty ladsy ov ya 2 buy me a beer ey"
by Jn3sS October 21, 2006
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1. Ladsy is slang for good
2. If you're a good guy you're ladsy
3. If you bought some beers for everyone it would be ladsy
How was your day? It was ladsy!
by australian! April 12, 2006
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A guy or male. Can be used as either a singular or a plural, and is often used to mean the quality of being male.
There was a lot of ladsy at the party
by there is no name August 8, 2005
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Originating from the Western Australian private boys school Scotch College, ladsy is a state of being of a certain man or boy. Activities participated in by lads include:

- Necking brews, tinneys, bevs, b33rz etc.
- Slaying pussy,tang, poon, vag etc.
- Courting fine martos, dardies, birds etc.
- Being a generally top bloke

The lads of Scotch College are known to have exceptionally large penis's and big rigs. These lads have been known to court women from other fine institutions such as PLC, MLC, St Hidas, and for a quick root, Shenton College.

Ladsy characters commonly use a wide range of vocabulary to name and describe many things such as alcoholic beverages, sex and fine young women. This vocabulary includes: Ladsy, lordsy, dardy, mort, mot, martin, terry, bevs, birds, tang, toweling, tanning, poontang, tinneys, roots, maggot etc. mixed in with a lot of swearing and all round ladsiness.
- Lad 1: Fuck mort, tanned the tightest tang last night
- Lad 2: Fuck that buddy, that bird was fuckin' dardy

- PLC Bird 1: Is that a Scotch lad?
- PLC Bird 2: Holy shit hold my clothes!

- CCGS Bloke: Fucken oath, I wish I was as ladsy as those Scotchies.
by just some lad July 25, 2011
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Evolving from the small Original Ladsies, the Ladsies 2.0 was created in Dublin in August 2011 so the newly formed group of friends could stay in touch during the college years. The group, stronger than ever, now consists of over 20 people and now also includes spin off groups such as "The Lads" and "Motsies 1.0". Long live the Ladsies
Some shite person who isn't a Ladsie: "What are you doing tonight?

A Ladsies: "Having the best time with the Ladsies obviously xxxxx"
by kayto August 31, 2012
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plural to "lad" , to be a lad you do something that is "ladsy",
"whoa ladsy dude" or just "ladsy"
someone does somehing good like score in rugby or buy everyone beers = "ladsy"
by JJJJJJJJames June 26, 2006
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