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A term used to initiate common, Stereotypical Ladsy behaivier.
IF at a given point of time, ie during a class "Lads-" are currently "-off" (ie LADS OFF) then one might want to turn lad's on by a cry of "lads on"
Guy1: "This history homework is really hard...."
Guy2: "LADS ON!"
Guy1: "Fucking maggot dardi gibbon aye!? TRRUUUU"
Guy2: "LADS OFF!"
Guy1: " ill probly get a D if i dont finish it ...
by Lad Ladsy September 10, 2006
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A town surrounded by nothing but trees and construction. They've been expanding College Park Road for over two years and still haven't finished.

Turn the corner onto Crowfield Boulevard and voila, you're in Goose Creek. You either went to Westview or College Park and everyone gets thrown into Stratford. Traffic before and after school makes everyone late and want to shoot themselves especially when Officer Coffey conducts traffic.

The drivers here are a joke; either they drive 10 under on College Park Road or drive 90 on I-26. Red lights and yield signs don't exist so watch out.

The only good thing about Ladson was the Vinnys Pizza but Goose Creek stole it from us and now all we have is a Marco's Pizza. We have two grocery stores (a Food Lion and a Bi-Lo) and about 300 gas stations just on College Park Road for no reason.

It's a piece of shit town filled with rich white people, trailer trash white people, and wannabe black white people. Nothing has changed about this place in many, many years except for the Burger King becoming a Sonic and the Hess becoming a Speedway.

You can't get lost here because all we have is two basic main roads (College Park Road and Ladson Road) but once you turn off of Ladson Road, you're on your own because now you're in Summerville. We're basically smushed between Summerville and Goose Creek.

Ladson is underdeveloped and seemingly over populated. Everyone lives here but works in Summerville, Charleston or Mount Pleasant.
Friend: Where do you live?
Me: Ladson.
Friend: Where's that?
Me: It's basically Goose Creek.
by hellahomie August 01, 2016
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