It actually has a crocodile, not an alligator, as the logo. It's considered "preppy" by most people, and it often times seen with the collar popped. Made of high quality cotton ang go for about $70 in the states.
Guy 1- Hey, did you see that guy with the crocodile on his shirt?

Guy 2- Yeah, I think it was a Lacoste.
by Heather February 26, 2005
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Jean Rene' Lacoste first established this brand in 1933. He was a tennis player and wanted a nice breathable polo to wear while playing tennis. Lacoste is not your normal polo, each polo goes through rigorus testing to make sure the colors do not fade. You see, it all starts in a field of cotton... only the finest and strongest are selected to create the lacoste products. Lacoste also have a nice selection of shoes, accessories and perfumes. Lacoste has been out in the market for 72 years and is still selling, although the prices are a little high (you get what you pay for)
Lacoste makes the finest clothes out there.
by Chris Edwards July 13, 2005
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A clothing brand worn by upper-middle class "preps" who know fashion when they see it. Cannot be worn by just anyone, at $70 for the pique polo. Originated by Rene Lacoste. The crocodile was actually an idea he got when he received a crocodile-skin handbag after winning a tennis match.
Lacoste polos are very comfortable and fit well.
by Matt April 26, 2005
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Lacoste is the perfection of the polo shirt. Lacoste started in 1933 and designed by Rene lacoste, who was looking for a lightwieght breathable feel while playing tennis. A few years later lacoste moved to that states and started mass prodcution world wide. Each lacoste shirt is individual, each shirt has 15.5 miles of super fine cotton. The first step of each shirt starts in the cotton field. Only the worlds strongest and most flexable cottons are chosen and used in the shirts. The polo's go through rigerous testing, and each have there own dying tank, and the dying process can take up to 13 hours, of perfectionlly dying each shirt, as to elminate any color fading, so each shirt you get has a rich, vibrant color.
I just got a lacoste polo jersey knit
by Matt_pimp August 28, 2005
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The preppiest kind of collared shirt around, with a crocodile on the left side, retailing for about $72. And if you got it for less than $72, it's a fake.

Note: It's tacky to pop the collar on a Lacoste. A polo, definitely, but not a Lacoste. It's simply putting emphasis on the fact that you paid 72 bucks for it.
Friend: WHOA! She's wearing a Lacoste...
Me: Ugh, the collar's popped.
Friend: Isn't that what you're supposed to - ?
by LPrepster September 17, 2005
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a brand that people like me cant afford
I walked into the Lacoste store but I was just window shopping.
by poorass October 26, 2006
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The classiest polo you can buy. They come in a rainbow of colors and should only be worn in places like greenwich, nantucket, the hamptons, and danbury
"Hey check out that kids polo, its Lacoste."

Contrary to popular belief, the Lacoste symbol is a crocodile, not an aligator, after Rene Lacoste's (old school tennis player) nickname, "The Croc"
by Preppitize me Cap'n April 6, 2005
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