Short for "Elite" in "l337 speak".
Samir Mohan is elite.
Samir MOhan is l337.
by BOLt November 28, 2004
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a sort of language once used to evade authority, and of people finding out about hackers on search engines, it's a language originally consiting of only numbers and letters. now it's used by assholes who think they're so cool and wannabe's who spend toouch time studying megatokyo.
l337 15 4 n1c3 7h1n9 70 u53, 1n m0d3r4710n.
(leet is a nice thing to use in moderation.)
by ephemeral bliss March 6, 2004
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The most annoying writing I have ever seen.
1 907 /|\/-\|) l337 5k1||z. 1 \|/1|| pwn |_||2 455
I got MAD elite skills. I will own your ass.

l337 5|_|%0|25
Leet "suxors" (sucks)
by Zug17 May 4, 2006
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Elite meaning very good, kick ass, etc. Used alot in gaming. Can also be l33t
"damn hes l337"
by Nick! November 6, 2003
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another way of saying "leet". short for elite. on a road trip up to the lake district i saw a car with l337 on their lisence plate!!! i can only hope the rather sour looking driver appreciates this legendary lisence plate.
person 1"hey look!"
person 2"wow! thats so kool!"
person 1"he better appreciate that"
person 2"yh"
by paisley July 9, 2005
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Just another way of saying "i only get laid when i pay for it" or my only girlfriend is samus and my hand
leetguy- I am soooo 1337'
Shanjay- You dont get laid very often
leetguy- i do to get la-
Shanjay- your hand doesnt count
Leetguy- no, i am very sad arent i?
Shanjay- Very now get away from me or i will have to kill you, and i dont want to get my new shoes dirty by having to stomp the hell/crap out of somew random leet speaking handlover
by Shanjay February 27, 2005
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Basically what the other bozos on urbandictionary said it was:
"Many people will argue that it started with the popular game Counter Strike, but X's def. is the most correct. According to "The Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling, it was an invented language used to confuse FBI and NSA sniffing programs during Operation Sundevil, when the government placed "wiretaps" on the Killer server to find hackers. Used extensively after the E911 document scandal and the theft of Korn 78 and other UNIX programs by AT&T. Google "Fry Guy", "Terminus", "Gail Thackery", "Acid Phreak" and "Phiber Optik" for more information. Discontinued among true hackers thanks to encryption engines and PGP keys."

HOWEVER it is something much much more.

It is also a Hamilcar album - 12 TeamSpeak "pranks" featuring members of Niggas in the Struggle (NITS) among others. For more information please visit (check the MISC section)
Yo son, Hamilcar's album "l337" definatly is l337.
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