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blunt for blunt meaning to light an L for another one in return.
"Light it :*"
"You light it :D"
"Lmaooo l4l ;)"
"Iight when?"
by CatInTheGreenHat April 01, 2010
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Lifted for Life; a group that is an optamistic movment ; also refers to blunts, and pot.
Joe: Yerrrr, wanna smoke im rolling up a blunt?

Carl: Yeah, i just got done rolling one too!!

Joe: Well then lets go L4L.
by SPNUGGETS June 15, 2009
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Lauderdale 4 Life : Clothing Line, Urban Wear, Fort Lauderdale Fl
by Mr. L4L February 28, 2011
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Lesbians 4 Life. Not actual lesbians,but an exclusive group indicating the the independance of womanhood and celebrating in the unity of close female friendship. Also indicating that men are inferior, and your girls will get you through difficult times. There are some undefined qualifications that one must go through to join the group. Once acheived, you are welcomed to the group and given a white gold and yellow gold thumb ring to be worn on your left thumb.
He's just your babies daddy, you don't have to live with him anymore, L4L, girl. Love ya!

Also, there is a hand sign. Make an L with your left forefinger and thumb, then hold up 4 fingers, then repeat first step, in a quick action.
by Trae Trae August 10, 2007
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Lyrics 4 Lyrics®,L4L, to encourage MC's battling on the microphone to keep the battle on a lyrical level. "You got Lyrics" and "I got Lyrics too. It is a battle 4 the best lyrics and/or lyricist.
History: Lyrics 4 Lyrics® was founded by Justin Mwaka, in Tottenham North London. At the time Justin used to make hoodies for skaters in Crouch End North London. After attending a concert setup by Mothers Against Gun Violence the idea for a positive message against violence amoung the younger generations emerged. A few days later he observed his younger brother come home with bruises on his head after MCing on his usual set at the local pirate radio station. His brother was attacked on the way home by fellow mc's who he had bested in a competition.
Seeing the way that music glamorized violence and the merchandise available supporting that message, Justin said, "I thought of making a clothing line that would promote a positive message against violence that had a cool cutting edge design." From that time on Lyrics 4 Lyrics® has since been moving on the underground scene in London all the way to Los Angeles.
L4L, Lyrics 4 Lyrics®, Lyrics for Lyrics.

slogan: Lyrics 4 Love, Lyrics 4 Life.

Hand sign, right hand palm turned facing outward with index finger pointing up and thumb to pointing to the left. Left hand with palm facing your chest and thumb pointing toward left shoulder, behind or in front of right hand. To give L4L.
by Justin Mwaka October 04, 2007
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a term used for 'LEEK for Life' a personal term set up by some English boy when he was being called 'LEEK'
LEEK: Yeah L4L
by Hodgi May 15, 2008
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