(adj) 1. a character belonging to the alphabet and numerical lettering. 2. a word used to describe as "cool" or awesome.
1. please restrain yourself to the alphanumeric system of letters 2. That move was so alphanumeric!
by Doctor Phanan August 13, 2003
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An expensive car, especially one which serves as a status symbol. A suit covered anus typically will drive an alphanumeric. The term comes from the practice among most auto manufacturers of using alphanumeric designations on expensive car models, as opposed to the model names used for cheaper cars, e.g. Infiniti G35 vs. Nissan Altima, or Lexus ES 350 vs. Toyota Camry.
There's nothing like driving an alphanumeric to show people that you're a big shot.
by Peter December 27, 2006
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