Kylie Minogue. Ever changing, her popularity may go up or down but she's always loved.
by colaboy7 March 10, 2006
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A beautiful, bubbly, intelligent, minature lady who has a big smile and a cheery voice.
"Part of me is a sexual exhibitionist."
(she's not afraid to be sexual, but this does not make her a slut. Sexuality is something that was taken off the "taboo list" aaaages ago.)
by Cup-Sellithaine February 3, 2005
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A half Peruvian half Caucasian pop star with a nice ass and cool moves.
la la la la la la la la
by crockedpenis April 22, 2005
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Kylie Minogue is a talentless pop artist and one time "Neighbours" soap star of the 80's. Kylie neither writes, nor sings her own songs. What you actually hear on her CD's is a heavily synthesised, computer generated squeal. In actuality her voice is weaker than a Canadian beer.

Very attractive (especially for her age) but tries WAY too hard to be sexy with her constant pouting, ridiculous mardi-gras like costumes and her pretentious London accent (apparently she was Australian once upon a time).

Practically indistinguishable from her younger sister Danni who releases the odd "look how sexy I am" crap single so as not to be overshadowed by Kylie.

Curiously Kylie has become some sort of gay icon despite her hetero preferences. Consequently, her concerts are filled with chubby homo men and 30-something women who sadly never developed any appreciation for decent music but feel they should at least attend some sort of live music occasionally so they don't appear completely lame.

Kylie is a myth.
Did you go the Kylie Minogue concert the other night? She changed costumes 400 times in two hours!! It was sooooo awesome!!

Get a fucking life and leave me alone.
by triggaz December 13, 2007
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someone who uses their riches, popularity, and power to condem the sick and elderly to a life of desolation.
narrowed definition: a heartless selfish woman who forces sick and ill people out of hospital and requires a complete hospital ward to be painted pink and all paitents to be moved out so she can have her own private ward.
by lista_ads June 3, 2005
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possibly one of the most sluttish women in the pop world plus she sounds exactly like her equally sluttish sister dani.
by Correspondingly November 11, 2004
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pronces : /slʌt/
noun: slut; plural noun: sluts

a woman who has many casual sexual partners.

synonymous : sperm rag, hoe, stupid girl, courtney love, niky minaj, miley cyrus, madona....
her parents busted their asses so that she could go to college, have her degree , be a respectable lady that younger girls could look up to
... yet she complete Kylie Minogue'd her live and became sperm rag nr 4625672575675447567
by wha_ever August 16, 2019
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