This literaly refers to the act of going to and searching g-o-o-g-l-e.

However, this is actually a very dangerous act. Googling google is like playing Russian Roulete, crossing the streams (Ghostbusters), or a hole in the space-tme continuoum (Back To The Future). What ever you do, do not google 'google' if you wish to stay safe.

It is BAD
Please, let me drive you home... you have had too much to drink... you don't want to be googling google on a night like this.
by Twartacus June 12, 2006
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It is what one must not do.
Don't Google Google. Googling Google is wrong, says Google.
by Set Blue 23 November 14, 2017
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A term used by the elderly or technically incompetent when referring to internet-related technologies.
Grandma: My email is slow today, there must be a problem with the googles.

Grandson: Gammy, looks like somebody unplugged your wireless router.

Grandma: Your grandfather was trying to sign-up for, could that have messed-up the googles?
by etriad April 19, 2012
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google is an app that is used by millions of people. it tends to give you answers your looking for, and it gives you trash you didn't want. google is good and bad. do (not) use.
hey, google is acting up again. its giving me the answer of "55" when i aksed to do 5x10-

thats kinda confusing..
by obsessd with your parents. September 24, 2021
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(original definition)


to throw a girl to the ground and tickle her until she pees (or pukes)

This was practiced by fraternities in northeastern colleges during the 1940’s prior to the advent of the panty raid.
“Brother Harold, you are to google Muffy Berenson until sufficiently soiled.”
by goose_on_a_roof March 29, 2022
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A way for Google to fuck YouTube over and just constantly make it worst and impossible to comment on.
Guy1: hey what ever happened to that Dutchcommie guy who was looking at and commenting on that video every day?

Guy2: Google+ fucked with the comments section, so he could no-longer reply to his comment and continue the chain.

Guy1: oh that sucks!

Guy2: yeah! and he was on Day365 when they changed it!

Guy1: Fuck a Duck!!
by Edgarthe25th November 19, 2013
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