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a name given to a smart interllectual man normally from zimbawbe kudzai is normally a leader and never follows his counterparts kudzais normally take the right decisions in life basicly kudzai is someone who is nearly perfect
my gosh i wish i was kudzai
yo check him out it looks like kudzai

i always knew i had kudzai in me
by zissla April 24, 2007
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A Kudzai is a most intelligent being, humple, peacefull, kind, beautiful in all ways & meek. In honesty, a Kudzai is extreme, too intense for mere words; he works hard & diligently, wasting no time nor effort and knows how to play even harder. A Kudzai knows and understands how to love deeply - inwardly & outwardly and very tender and caring traits are found in a Kudzai. A Kudzai is very perceptive and knows who to look out for - he becomes protective of those he loves. He is great at giving you smiles when you most need one & serves as a great companion, friend and lover.

However, a Kudzai is a force to be reckoned with, he's very vengful and plans and schemes his revenge very meticulously. On his take down he would turn your world upside down, tear asunder your illusions, and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you.
by Merilson June 26, 2014
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A unisex name. Someone who's smart, independent and knows their stuff. Kudzai usually prefers to interact with passionate people who are humble and funny.
Jason: "Did you see that Kudzai got full marks on that really hard Maths test, sjo!"

Melanie: "The way Kudzai answered that question in class today, geez. She really knows her stuff, dude"
by Keviinn Pinnnee . June 01, 2015
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