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a person who should never think hes better than his best friend, koties are smart but not generally strong and should just continue gorging themselves and stay home.
kotie is a general slang for being lazy and morbidly obese.
Person #1- "aw man you guys i feel terrible, im gunna go home and be kotie"

Person #2- "your kotie all day"

Person #1- "but i feel like being kotie!"
by superpal May 25, 2009
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Kotie- a person who is very sensitive and isn't very trusting with others. Koties procrastinate and get lazy but if you ask them to do something for you they would. Don't underestimate Koties because they are very sly and can get there way if they really want it.
person1-wow, did you see how kotie cried in second period?
person2- yea, but she/he is a very sensitive person.
by Kotie_Robinson June 11, 2018
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