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when you wanna say okay but your phone is feeling mexican
okay *autocorrect is like nah hunny*

BAM... olay
by dunt even April 08, 2015
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A rare species of sentient deodorant. Inhabits the sewer system of Makati. Has evolved into a human form. Originally a widespread deodorant product from America. The king of the Olays is James Willard Olay I (The Chosen One).
Guy 1: I think I hear something in the sewers.
Guy 2: Oh, don't worry boi, it's just the Olays.
by chixxer69 April 18, 2018
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-A greeting used by friends in meeting up or upon sharing booze.

-A band that recently started out in London, Ontario (known as O-Lay).
- Walking into a room you would say O-Lay and upon saying cheers with beer!

- The band O-lay can be found when you go onto MySpace.
by Rockin_sioux January 23, 2007
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(adj. + adv.) to signify approval, satisfactory, all right, correct, fine, and etc. the better version of okay. abreviation: o(insert a lays potato chips bag)
"Juan you're more than olay."
"Frank is not olay."
"That's olay, Juan."
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by isuckmemes December 20, 2017
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