Koti is the Finnish word for Home but can be used in the English language to describe a peaceful and thoughtful living arrangement.
This feels so koti. I want to move in!
by PDXelement March 23, 2020
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Acronym for "King of the Idiots". This is a guy who is an idiot, but is the smartest of his idiot friends. So he thinks he is a genius and superior. KOTI's are cruel to their "subjects" and belittle them at every opportunity.
See those idiots over there trying to get their truck out of the ditch? The fat, smelly, toothless one, with his hands in his pockets and yelling, is the KOTI.
by Jeffrey Allen West January 20, 2006
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Very hot guy with a great personality and very loving nice funny and can get crazy . He wants to comfort you and make you be happy all the time . Usually brown/black hair . Average height. Loves long relationships . He is all around a amazing guy . One of the best boyfriends you can get if you get a Koty don't let him go .
I love Koty so much he is the best boyfriend.
by Her5 January 26, 2017
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A jar of sand you get from mexico, olay.
He brought a koty back from his vacation in mexico.
by wiinigga July 13, 2008
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Kotie- a person who is very sensitive and isn't very trusting with others. Koties procrastinate and get lazy but if you ask them to do something for you they would. Don't underestimate Koties because they are very sly and can get there way if they really want it.
person1-wow, did you see how kotie cried in second period?
person2- yea, but she/he is a very sensitive person.
by Kotie_Robinson May 30, 2018
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Douchebag stoner

Any kid at school whos smokes weed, and tells everyone about it like its some kind of achievement.

Not only will he tell everyone about it, he'll smoke weed at lunch/break and show up to class stoned, then will tell everybody how he just hit the bong before World History class.

Its only a matter of time before he gets caught, by either the teacher; the preps, nerds, or even the other stoners snitch on him. (For being such a poser)
Koti: "Duuuuuuude im so high righhhhht nowwww."

James: "Haha dude, im telling on you."

Koti: "No! Pleas no! I cant get caught again!"

James: "Chill dude i was just kidding....but try and hold of on the bong hits before Bible class okay?"
by dats2dope January 7, 2010
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a person who should never think hes better than his best friend, koties are smart but not generally strong and should just continue gorging themselves and stay home.
kotie is a general slang for being lazy and morbidly obese.
Person #1- "aw man you guys i feel terrible, im gunna go home and be kotie"

Person #2- "your kotie all day"

Person #1- "but i feel like being kotie!"
by superpal May 26, 2009
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