one of the few nu metal bands that are actually good. when they first started out , they made a unique sound that many shitty nu metal bands tried to copy, gave a big " fuck you " to the music industry , and put lots of energy and emotion into their work . but now ,they're complete sellouts. why ? because now they're the exact opposite of what they once were. now they sound like some kind of shitty pop music band and practically suck the music industry's cock. oh well ....
nu metal sucks, the only good bands are korn , slipknot , and disturbed.
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Absolute shit.

A talentless, worthless band that doesn't know when to quit, and does not deserve the success and popularity that they obtained.

They also decide to rape some of the best songs ever written, including "One" by Metallica and "Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2" by Pink Floyd.
"KoRn fucking suck."

"d00d KoRn is aw3sum!"

"No, I'm sticking with the whole 'KoRn fucking suck' thing."
by DaddyTwoFoot October 01, 2005
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KoRn is a band that pioneered the Nu-Metal genre. This of course means that it spawned a bunch of other shitty bands that are even worse than it, although that's pretty hard to imagine. KoRn's fan base consists of whining bitches who think their life is horrible, when in reality, there is nothing wrong. The KoRn fan base will also argue that the band is hated among metal heads do to it's different sound. In reality, different is a poor word to use, more like shitty. KoRn has ruined the Metal genre and spawned countless posers who are just in it for the money (Just like KoRn is).
Set "I like to think of KoRn as crap, that proceeded to spawn more crap."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
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Koßn the best numetal group of all time from bakersfield CA their firs album was self title "Koßn"
Vocal/bagpipes:Jonathan Davis
Lead Guitar:Brian Welch "Head" who has left the band and is now a christian
Rythm:James "Munky" Shaffer (he isnt lead unlike alot of absolute tards think)
Drummer:David Silvera
koßn if frickin sweet and not just for goth kids and 13yr old losers who cant deal with their lives i love koßn and am completely normal i dont sit at home and slit my wrist plus they were on south park which is frickin sweet
korn is sweet
incubus, metallica, distrubed, linkin park, bob marley baby
by jamal 3 June 10, 2008
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A band that started off with a bang but has now resorted to whining and bass abuse. See also - sellout
y0 no1 gives a fuk about k0rn anymore lolz
by some guy June 06, 2003
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1) A once decent band that turned shitty.
2) If you're stupid its a mispelling of the actual vegetable known as corn.
1) Korn licks the monkey cock now.
2) Could you pass the korn?
by Jonballz February 11, 2004
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Crap, a band with no talent that starts all heavy but then the lead singer starts doing a bad version of opera and they sound gay.
"I like Korn" "Korn is crap, you suck"
by Mr. Blue January 18, 2005
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