"hey man you goin out tonight"

"nah man im gonna kick it and koodle with ma girl"
by Paul Floaty July 01, 2006
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A dumb question that you ask because you are too lazy to find the answer yourself.
Yo Bro... This bitch asked a koodle. She wanted to know if I had a penis and I was like, "bitch- that's a koodle!! Just look!! "
by Katsephina December 09, 2012
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Slang for sexual intercourse. Originally used on the TV show Titus.
"Woohoo! I'm gettin' some koodle-boppy tonight!"
by Lyme February 18, 2003
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koodles is a name for a stuffed animal. meaning god.
“hey what’s your stuffed koalas name?” “oh! his name is koodles and he’s very powerful.”
by goddess2.0tehe March 13, 2021
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