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A ghetto term that is the equivalent of the word children (see children)
1. So you bought some candy for the chillens, huh?
2. Do yourself a favor, keep your ____ off of the chillens ;)
by TheShark06 October 24, 2006
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EX 1
Kayla:What are you doing?
John: Nothin' im just chillen

EX 2
Kayla: Didn't that last scene scare you
John: Nah im chillen
by Danny Jfehgrgfhr December 22, 2005
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The illiterate's version of "Chillin'" or "Chilling"

Used commonly by wiggers.

What are you doing today, Jimmy?
Oh nothing, just chillen.
Dude, you are stupid. It's Chillin'.
by Rob Schilke May 13, 2007
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A predominantly southern variation of the word "children", meaning juvenile persons either in the literal or figurative sense. It is the plural form of chile.
Kelly Sue done birthed ten chillen.
by Rev. B. A. Kirken December 19, 2003
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A name you use for a child. Like how doggo has replaced dog, and birb has replaced birb, chillen had replaced child/children.
“Hey mom, isn’t it time to put the chillens to bed?”

(To a younger sibling) “what an adorable little chillen you are”
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1) relax, take a break
2) you can use it to give a verbal warning.
1) Ik ga hier ff chille, man!
2) Hey, chillen, he kerel!!
by jeroen the chiller June 11, 2004
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