1) A pixie-like creature, seen in mythology.

2) A dog/human breed, seen in the suikoden series.

3) A way to tell your friends that a woman (wife,employer etc.) is a bitch or a dog, but not alert suspicion of said woman. derogatory term.
1) aaa, thy tiny kobold, thy have truly blessed my testicles with pixie-power. Although they have shrunk, now I can make love for 92 hours at a time!

2) aaa, you are a kobold I see?

3) guy #1:hiya kobold, whatsup? (sounds like an affectionate term.)
woman:hi, not a lot.
guy #2:(sniggers. HE knows it means bitch/dog)
by DRAGON FORCE January 19, 2006
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a type of furry known as a scalie. very cute, these creatures will eat your flesh off if you feed them between 8pm and 8:69 pm.
‘bro i just saw a kobold’
‘did you feed it bro’
no bro i would never’
by protogenkicker55 August 22, 2022
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A humanoid reptilian creature in the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons. Kobolds are distantly related to dragons and are very short, as a result they have small man syndrome. Being evil and industrious creatures they work together to conquer and steal or to serve a greater evil master. However, their poor intelligence often means their efforts are ill fated and frequently ends in their many deaths.
Druid: "You hear those footsteps? Here comes another kobold, get ready for a short fight."

Rogue: "No need, I set a trap in that hallway."


Druid: "Nice."
by GoldCurse September 12, 2021
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Kobold are small dog-man like creatures which live on the fringes of larger civilizations.

Kobold are incapable of farming and make a living by stealing what they can from other civilizations. Compounded with the fact that they are frail to the point of pathetic it's understandable why they often lose there communities or are wiped out entirely.

Living almost exclusively in caves and occasionally small cobbled together villages Kobold maintain a position as the worlds scavengers, stealing small goods from the dead after battles and looting garbage dumping grounds. Occasionally a very lucky, brave, or stupid Kobold may get away with stealing something extremely valuable but this is rare.

The shear ridicule of there abilities has caused some to take pity on them, leaving useless but still useable items outside of there protected stockpiles for Kobold to take.

Something about them also seems to garner some form of pity and feelings of adoration leading to them being referred to as cutebold by people who find there quarks endearing rather then annoying.

There main import is death:There main export is petty annoyance.
Mayor: A Kobold thief managed to sneak into our fort through my river access and stole an artifact platinum goblet that was encrusted with diamonds, rubies and gold. I was pretty pissed at the time but thinking back...that little guy must have become king of the Kobold. The rest of the dwarves sure thought it was ballsy, it became a favorite engraving subject for awhile.
by Blarny August 27, 2012
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A kobold is a common creature, most known from the popular game "World of Warcraft". A kobold steamer is a reference to the furry mane of a kobold combined with a steaming hot deuce. The two combine to form a furry "lubricant" causing pleasure for both the male and the female, making this a very pleasurable maneuver.
Oh man, Ryan! I totally laid a phat Kobold Steamer on some chick's furry mane!
by Ryan L. and Ryan A. March 21, 2007
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Girls who are crazy
Girls who have mental issues
Man that girl went k kobold on me
by lil ag February 20, 2009
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On the 12th of May. Is too celebrate kobolds as well as the anniversary of The Kobold Café
Im going to the Kobold Cafe too celebrate kobold day!
by PineappleQWERTY May 12, 2023
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