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One of the best and worst parts of having any form of popularity on the internet. This applies to videogames, movies, youtubers, artists, porn, and basically everything else.

The fanbase is the sum total of all a persons fans good, bad, and otherwise.

While the positive portions of the fanbase often outweigh the negative it can become irritating for yourself and others when your own fans are constantly harassing another persons fans or each other for essentially no reason.

Fans provide the vital service of spreading your name around for others to hear and come to enjoy your stuff much in the same way religious fans never shut up about how you should join there church and talk about there imaginary friend in the sky.

On the other side of this idea however you have the fans who spread your work like the crusades, by destroying, demeaning, or getting butthurt over everything/one remotely similar to your own work.
The Pewdiepie - Ubernovahaxor fan wars in a nutshell

Pewdiepie Fanbase: Ubernovahaxor copies everything pewdiepie does

Ubernovahaxor Fanbase: Pewdiepie copies everything ubernovahaxor does.

The Nerd VS Critic years

The nostalgia critic fanbase: The nerd is a copycat of the Critic cause the critic started first

The Angry videogame nerd fanbase: The critic is a copycat of the nerd cause the nerd stated first

The critic and the nerd: ???
by Blarny December 30, 2013
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The long delayed sequel to Duke nukem 3D. It was lost in development for over 12 years but when it finally came out it essentially killed the Duke Nukem franchise.

It seems very unlikely that anyone other then hardcore Duke Nukem fans will take much pleasure in this mess of a game and even then only for the nostalgia value of it.

It almost feels like Gearbox, the game company that obtained the rights and "finished" the game, went back threw out all 12 years of previous work and slapped together a 2-bit halo knockoff to rip off the old fanbase and ruin Duke for the new fanbase.

Featuring filler content, platforming puzzles, and crappy game mechanics this is truly a complete mess. It also crossed the very big line between dirty humor and stupid humor more times then I can count. Between the rape jokes and the shit throw (i kid you not it's really in there) it's just not worth the time to play, not to mention the load times are awful even on a high end gaming PC.

They somehow managed to make it to sexist even for Duke, even for DUKE. I didn't even know that was possible.

Another Duke Nukem game has been announced by gearbox, hopefully it will be a masterpiece that saves the franchise but after this god awful performance it's doubtful
Duke and gamer on Duke nukem forever

Duke: Well after 12 fuckin years it better be good.

Gamer: It sucked

Duke: What the fuck did they do wrong?

Gamer: lean over here

Duke: ... fuck the aliens Gearbox unless you do it right this time I'm comin' for you
by Blarny September 19, 2012
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Dwarves are the most sturdy race. They are also shorter then most, due to centuries of adaptation to underground homes.

Dwarves are alcohol dependent. They can survive without alcohol but they do slowdown becoming sluggish and grouchy. Dwarves uses alcohol as energy rather then intoxicant. NEVER DRINK WITH DWARVES.

Dwarves love gems & metals and much of there time is spent underground. This can lead to consequences for dwarves who don't get out, mainly cave adaptation.

Dwarves are a friendly race trading with the smelly elves and the humans. Dwarves and Goblins are natural enemies. after seeing each other they will immediately start kicking, punching, and biting each other to death. Dwarves mostly ignore kobold.

Dwarves are a Monarchy. A king who is supreme leader, barons who command regions, and Mayors who rule settlements. All positions can be held by either gender.

Living up to 170 years of age dwarves are very clever building complex traps and tools out of whatever is on hand (rocks)and are the only race afflicted by fay-moods that make them seek out parts to craft items of legendary quality, needs not being met can lead to depression, rage, insanity, and nudism.

Killing animals enemies and plants is ok so long as they are sanctioned. A dwarf committing assault and vandalism are punished. Killing, treason, ect. are punished by death. Lying is a personal matter.
The dwarves of Bad girder where a quick witted bunch with many traps and death machines protecting them but nothing could stop the booze drought.
by Blarny August 27, 2012
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Elves as described by the Dwarves

Elves are smelly, stuck-up, arrogant tree-fondling hippies dedicated to the protection of their concept of nature (focused on trees).

Elven caravans arrive in late spring. During trade, elves will not accept wood, wooden items or any goods decorated with wood.

Elves will, however, gladly trade you their own wooden items. They will not, however, accept their wooden items back. Bunch of hypocritical bastards.

Elven ethics often differ from those of other races. They are likely to be friendly with dwarves, at least until they cut down too many trees. Elves are the only race which wholeheartedly accepts devouring enemy combatants. History shows that an elven combatant will sometimes devour the other person they were fighting when they win. However elves refuse to butcher and consume intelligent beings. Elves find torturing as an example acceptable. To elves, keeping any trophy of any kind is an unthinkable act. Elves allow for killing animals when done in self-defense, and the killing of other elves by an elf is justified if there is an extremely good reason. For elves, the killing of plants is unthinkable. On the other hand, the killing of neutral beings and enemies is acceptable. Elves never offer capital punishment to criminals; instead, elves found to have committed petty crimes are reprimanded, while those convicted of treason, breaking oaths, or participating in slavery are exiled.
Dwarf #1 : Hey why is the elven trade caravan leaving? The outside is swarming with the undead!

Dwarf #2 : One of the children gave the elves a wooden box of diamonds and they refused to stay any longer.

Dwarf #1 : ...want to loot there bodies when they get eaten alive?

Dwarf #2 : I thought you'd never ask friend!
by Blarny July 16, 2012
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A Japanese indie game focused around running the kind of item shop present in the majority of RPG games.

The plot focuses on a young girl named Recette Lemongrass who's father suddenly decided to become an adventurer and went off to fight a dragon on top of a volcano... yeah not the best parenting.

Not long after his disappearence a loan shark fairy named tear shows up to start collection on an outstanding debt from Recette's father. Recette being unable to pay the debt believes she will have to forfeit the house so Tear strikes her a deal. They convert the first floor of her house into an item shop which has regular payments for the debt cut from it's profits.

As far as gameplay goes this is a unique and interesting experience mixing a haggling system and item crafting with some RPG dungeon areas which the player can loot for goods to sell with the help of adventurers. Available in English on steam this 2006 game is rapidly gaining popularity and has been reviewed by a few reasonable large names on youtube including Jesse Cox and is well worth the time it takes to play.
Guy: Recettear is a cool game have you tried it

COD N00b: Is it part of call of duty or halo?

Guy: No it's an RPG and shop game abo-

COD N00b: It's not call of duty or halo so it sucks

Guy: But-

COD N00b: NO, everyone knows call of duty and halo are the pinical of gaming and the only good videogames ever made forever.

Guy:... your a douchebag n00b
by Blarny September 8, 2012
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Allen quist

1. Politician

2. Current republican favorite for GoP

3. Man who believes dinosaurs and man co-existed and that there is scientific proof of dragons.
Republican: Vote for allen quist

Sane human being: Isn't he the guy who believes in dragons?

Republican: Of course everyone knows dragons and gods are real
by Blarny August 17, 2012
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The lowest form of gaming that's still considered gaming.

Call of duty is literally the same game with a new map every single year. Don't believe me? Call of duty 3's crash screen reads and I quote "call of duty 2 has crashed"

The fanbase was originally alright but then children with parents who don't give a shit ruined it for everyone, forever.

If you play call of duty and nothing else you are essentially the scum of the gaming community.

If you believe call of duty is better then any game out there, not every, any of the other games out there then you are lower then the scum

The entire series is now being milked dry by greedy developers and is honestly not worth playing in any way shape or form in it's current state.
Scum: Call of duty is the shit, everything else sucks :P
Real gamer: Dude, call of duty has sucked since game 3
real gamer: Yeah because portal is actually fun and actually a game.
Real gamer: *Blocked*
by Blarny August 9, 2012
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