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A digital download system based on auto-updates, friends-lists, and no DRM.

Although not perfect it's a much better option then Gamestop and dealing with the asshole customers rip off resales, cheap ass trade in values that rip you off at every possible opportunity.

Steam was created by valve to sell there products along with indie products and occasionally other stuff. Many people claim that Steam is only around to line valves pockets but really they are just upset by the bugs and mistakes valve made with the program rather then having really issues with it.

Despite it's wonderful usage and application Steam has it's fair share of faults. Mainly slow processing which can delay downloads massively, auto-updates without any notification, and the occasional bugs and glitches.

Despite this Steam is often regarded as a massively useful program and a god send because of it's lack of pointless DRM which most other digital download services are plagued with. It also has often sales which can give a great product away at a great price.
Guy: Steam sucks it's so laggy and never loads an-OH that indie game is on sale for 50% off must buy!

Gabe: Another job well done :D
by Blarny September 8, 2012
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Elves as described by the Dwarves

Elves are smelly, stuck-up, arrogant tree-fondling hippies dedicated to the protection of their concept of nature (focused on trees).

Elven caravans arrive in late spring. During trade, elves will not accept wood, wooden items or any goods decorated with wood.

Elves will, however, gladly trade you their own wooden items. They will not, however, accept their wooden items back. Bunch of hypocritical bastards.

Elven ethics often differ from those of other races. They are likely to be friendly with dwarves, at least until they cut down too many trees. Elves are the only race which wholeheartedly accepts devouring enemy combatants. History shows that an elven combatant will sometimes devour the other person they were fighting when they win. However elves refuse to butcher and consume intelligent beings. Elves find torturing as an example acceptable. To elves, keeping any trophy of any kind is an unthinkable act. Elves allow for killing animals when done in self-defense, and the killing of other elves by an elf is justified if there is an extremely good reason. For elves, the killing of plants is unthinkable. On the other hand, the killing of neutral beings and enemies is acceptable. Elves never offer capital punishment to criminals; instead, elves found to have committed petty crimes are reprimanded, while those convicted of treason, breaking oaths, or participating in slavery are exiled.
Dwarf #1 : Hey why is the elven trade caravan leaving? The outside is swarming with the undead!

Dwarf #2 : One of the children gave the elves a wooden box of diamonds and they refused to stay any longer.

Dwarf #1 : ...want to loot there bodies when they get eaten alive?

Dwarf #2 : I thought you'd never ask friend!
by Blarny July 16, 2012
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A for of heart, lung, stomach, brain, kidney, ect. cancer that can only be contracted from exposure to chrono radiation. Chrono radiation itself can only be found on board and in every nook and cranny of time machines. The truth is time travel is real and possible but will cause super cancer at some point in the travelers life be it immediately after or 12 months before. Due to it's extremely unpredictable nature time travel has been all but outlawed to prevent spread of Super cancer
Doc: Hey martey I went to a rejuvenation clinic. They got me all fixed up change of blood, new kidney, they even cured my super cancer

Marty: Super cancer?

Doc: Yeah, side effect of time travel. Of course you ALWAYS wore your lead-lined suit in the time machine right?

Marty: SHIT
by Blarny December 26, 2011
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The people who constantly try to ban a book, videogame, movie, ect. for not being morally "clean"

These are the kind of people who make the ridiculous (and false) claim that video games are bad, harry potter encourages satanism, and that a nipslip causes permanent damage to anyone who sees it.

Some of them are nothing but trolls who feed of the resulting media coverage.

Most however actually believe there own insane ideas are correct for example fundamentalists and Allen quist

The appropriate response to these people varies based on situation but most of the time it is one of two things either laugh at them or get angry (but only irritated angry not beat down angry) and point out exactly why they are incorrect.

Normally they have impossibly high standards (religion)
or they have found an axe crazy reason to believe something is corrupting there children.
Moral guardians: Down with video games they cause violence suicide and more violence

Normal person: Actually violence per 1000 citizens peaked back in 1982 before doom the first major violent video game was released. For that matter violence has drop by half since then starting directly after violent games started coming into the media.

Moral guardians: Nah, uh our great leader Jack Thompson told us video games is evil.

Normal person: then your a dumbass.
by Blarny August 29, 2012
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The lowest form of gaming that's still considered gaming.

Call of duty is literally the same game with a new map every single year. Don't believe me? Call of duty 3's crash screen reads and I quote "call of duty 2 has crashed"

The fanbase was originally alright but then children with parents who don't give a shit ruined it for everyone, forever.

If you play call of duty and nothing else you are essentially the scum of the gaming community.

If you believe call of duty is better then any game out there, not every, any of the other games out there then you are lower then the scum

The entire series is now being milked dry by greedy developers and is honestly not worth playing in any way shape or form in it's current state.
Scum: Call of duty is the shit, everything else sucks :P
Real gamer: Dude, call of duty has sucked since game 3
real gamer: Yeah because portal is actually fun and actually a game.
Real gamer: *Blocked*
by Blarny August 9, 2012
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The absolute scum of all online communities.

Griefers are all the sadistic weirdos who can't seem to relax and enjoy life.

They spend most of there time delighting in violence, destruction, and pointless harassment all of which can be repaired by a moderator in under 30 seconds.

The only places where griefing is allowed or encouraged is backwater minecraft servers run by griefers to get there needless sadism out on each other.

The majority of griefers cry themselves to sleep at night knowing they are wasting the time doing nothing to nobody but themselves and that every trace of there rampages is erased in seconds and all memory of them forgotten.
Log-in: Griefer
Griefer :TTROOOLLLOLLLOLL XD I am teh hackzz!
Mod: >:(
Griefer: lol stupid mods are stupid Imma break your house :P :P :P :P
Mod: -.- are you really that stupid?
Griefer: Your house is on fire azzhole beter plt it out. Can i haz diamonds plox plox plox?
Mod: /ban Griefer
Log-out: Griefer
Mod: /rollback blocks Griefer 1D
Server: all damage repaired

Griefer: *cuts self and cries*
by Blarny July 24, 2012
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One of the best and worst parts of having any form of popularity on the internet. This applies to videogames, movies, youtubers, artists, porn, and basically everything else.

The fanbase is the sum total of all a persons fans good, bad, and otherwise.

While the positive portions of the fanbase often outweigh the negative it can become irritating for yourself and others when your own fans are constantly harassing another persons fans or each other for essentially no reason.

Fans provide the vital service of spreading your name around for others to hear and come to enjoy your stuff much in the same way religious fans never shut up about how you should join there church and talk about there imaginary friend in the sky.

On the other side of this idea however you have the fans who spread your work like the crusades, by destroying, demeaning, or getting butthurt over everything/one remotely similar to your own work.
The Pewdiepie - Ubernovahaxor fan wars in a nutshell

Pewdiepie Fanbase: Ubernovahaxor copies everything pewdiepie does

Ubernovahaxor Fanbase: Pewdiepie copies everything ubernovahaxor does.

The Nerd VS Critic years

The nostalgia critic fanbase: The nerd is a copycat of the Critic cause the critic started first

The Angry videogame nerd fanbase: The critic is a copycat of the nerd cause the nerd stated first

The critic and the nerd: ???
by Blarny December 30, 2013
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