A game where a group of men secretly expose there individual penis' in a crowded room such as a bar and poke someone with it, at which point they shout to their friends, 'knob' s on'.
Knobs on, 5 points to me said Rich.
by Barry big bones December 24, 2016
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any pleasurable sexual encounter excluding self gratification where at least one person participating has a knob.
He needs to quit driving so far to get laid and get some local knob knob here in town.
by al.al20 October 7, 2010
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Knob <n>
1) The penis
2) An obnoxious person

To Knob <v>
3) The act of (hard) intercourse

See also knob-head
1) "Jimothy has a humongous knob!"
2) "Kevin is an absolute knob."
3) "Daryll knobbed Lucy after dinner."
by Stuart Fletcher November 1, 2004
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To shag a girl
The act of shagging a girl
Said as what a boy does to a girl with his penis to her punani
Past tense - knobbed
Male: "I'd give her a good knobbing"
Female: "The knobbing he gave sent shivers up my spine"

"I knobbed her good"
by bridgenie August 21, 2005
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1. Slightly less harsh term for the male anatomy than pecker or dick.

2. Also can be used as a term similar to goof, tool or moron.

1. I went to the Yukon during the winter and almost froze my knob when I took a whiz outside after the party.

2.Dude, did you hear Bill locked the keys in his car again - what a knob!
by Shasta100 February 23, 2009
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The name that is given to an individual that is being a complete moron, idiot or dumb-ass. Also lacking in common sense.
Bob: Man you see that Lakers game?
Derek: Yeah bro.
Bob: Man I love hockey.
Derek to Lindsey: Whaaaaatta knob.
by seizing November 14, 2009
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